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Fine Jewellery Gifts from Randor

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You can show your love towards another person in many ways – through body language, gestures, and even by scheduling some quality time to do things together. It’s even sweeter when a little extra something is thrown in – like a precious gift. Randor has a great selection of beautifully crafted jewellery pieces that make excellent gifts for any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone together or simply want to show your appreciation, you’ll be sure to find something here.

Here are a few jewellery pieces perfect for gift-giving.


Diamond Earrings


This gorgeous pair of stud earrings is perfect for any occasion, from daily wear to more formal applications. The round brilliant cut diamond earrings come with a removable halo offering versatility for different looks. For a simple application the halo can be removed. For a more vintage-inspired flair, leave them be!

These are also available in 18kt White Gold.






Designer Diamond Pendant


This is a true and unique beauty. It offers texture, colour, brightness and contrast to catch the eye. The scalloped circular diamonds and blue sapphires are set elegantly along the 18kt white gold framing. This is a great go-to piece for formal occasions. It’s sure to start a few conversations!







Diamond Tennis Bracelet

randor3The allure of beauty is also found in simplicity. This is what this piece is all about. This bracelet showcases stunning bezel-set round brilliant cut diamonds with mill-grained bezels. It’s perfect for everyday wear or to add a romantic air to an evening look.

This is available in 14kt and 18kt White or Yellow gold.






Designer Ring

randor4Giving the gift of a precious ring doesn’t always have to be associated with a formal engagement. Whether you are married or you’re still in the earlier stages of your relationship, giving the gift of a ring is a wonderful gesture. This Pink Gold Filigree Diamond Ring emanates warmth through its golden hues. It has a romantic feel that comes from the vintage-inspired design, and the set diamonds add the just right amount of embellishment! Contact us today to speak to one of our jewellery experts.



Custom Jewellery Designs with Randor

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At Randor Jewelry, we are all about educating and guiding our clients toward creating and obtaining the perfect piece of jewelry. We offer engagement and wedding rings for him and her, and we offer fine jewelry such as pendants, earrings, and bracelets for all kinds of occasions.

Why Customize Your Piece with Us?

The benefits of customizing with us are plenty — particularly when it comes to engagement and wedding rings. In this day in age, it is all about flexibility. When it comes to design, you really want to take into account the needs of the wearer, and the price-margin of the buyer. Maybe there are other factors at play, such as the groom-to-be having an allergy to gold. If that’s the case, we can look into hypoallergenic options for him such as creating a wedding band from Platinum– one of the strongest and purest of metals. Or maybe you want to buy your fiancée a diamond ring that needs to fall within a set budget. No matter the request, we are here to guide you to your desired piece.

Whether you are looking for something traditional or unique, custom designed rings are the way to go to capture some of the most innovative and emerging trends. Floral designs, coloured diamonds, mixed metal detailing, mixed gems, accent stones, and vintage designs are just some of the many options that stray away from the traditional diamond and can make a custom design really worthwhile.

Getting There

We will take the ideas in your head, from a magazine, or from a website and materialize them into a real design. You don’t have to worry about settling for a ring that she “might” like – and the same goes for him. We want to help you create something that will blow your significant other away. This is why we have made all the information accessible to you through our education centre on how to look for the right diamond, along with a gallery of our featured designer rings on our website. You can look at the designs in advance and see what we do; and we can seamlessly get the process of conceptualizing into designing and manufacturing your piece. In the end, having a custom design is also about creating something that you know nobody else has – something that is really yours, together.

Get started by booking a consultation with our experts today!

When it Comes to Shopping For a Diamond Ring, Buy it in Person

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More and more people are shopping online for diamond rings these days. That’s a fact that should come with a disclaimer. The experts at Randor Jewellery are here to tell you that while shopping online for a diamond ring might be convenient, it can come with some serious pitfalls.

Shopping for a diamond ring strictly online exposes you to potentially sketchy information, inaccurate pictures, and less than ideal transaction practices and return policies. You may also come across sellers that are not accredited and are not affiliated with organizations like the GIA.

That being said, the convenience factor of online diamond ring shopping shouldn’t be put aside. Browsing online photos and reading educational materials about diamonds is a great way to lay down the preliminary groundwork when looking for the perfect diamond ring.

While you are doing so, it’s important to keep in mind that you should gather information about your diamonds from reputable and accredited sources, like the experts at Randor Jewellery.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices and begin to formulate a clear idea of what sort of diamond ring you want to buy, we recommend visiting a physical store to complete the transaction. On-site experts will help guide you with hands-on experience so you can see for yourself what you are buying.

The easiest way to ensure that you are getting the right diamond ring at the right price is to book a consultation with an expert at Randor Jewellery. That way you’ll get the guidance you need to make the right choice that you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Tips on Buying Wholesale Diamond Rings

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Shopping for diamond rings can be a confusing and exhausting task. There are many options available and buyers are always looking for a good price, as well as the best customer service around. Buying wholesale diamond rings can be a good option. As with any purchase, there are pros and cons to consider.

In terms of wholesale diamond ring purchases, some of the pros include:

  • Affordable prices
  • Everything is negotiable (price, design, custom features, etc.)
  • Continually updated inventory
  • Vast diamond selection
  • Best option for unique shapes, customization, and large diamonds

Meanwhile, some of the cons associated with wholesale diamond ring purchases – especially with exclusively online shops – include price leverage, minimal customer service, and potential scams. Therefore, it is important to do your research ahead of time and identify the best diamond sellers/wholesalers with which to do business. Diamond ring buying should not be an impulse purchase, and you should complete your sale in person, at a reputable shop.

The most reputable professional jewelers and diamond dealers have spent a large portion of their lives researching and learning about diamonds, jewellery, and new emerging technology regarding diamond grading. They stay current in their field and do their best to relay their expertise onto their customers, so everyone benefits from the transaction. They also only carry diamonds that are certified by laboratories like the GIA.

GIA Approved Diamonds

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is a globally recognized organization for gemological study and research, as well as an educational facility where gem knowledge could be organized and shared with the public. The GIA stresses the 4Cs of diamond categorization–color, cut, carat weight, and clarity. The creation of the Diamond 4Cs resulted in two very important developments. First, diamond quality could be communicated in a universal language that everyone could understand. Second, diamond customers could know exactly what they were about to purchase and do their research beforehand in terms of price range, reputation, etc.

For most customers, buying diamond rings from a wholesaler is a smart way to go. However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all wholesalers are GIA Graduate Gemologists or have any diamond training at all. Many don’t have the proper equipment (ex. microscope, diamond-lite) to show and explain diamond properties (ex. clarity and fluorescence). In these cases you don’t learn all the information you need to make an informed decision on which diamond to purchase. Proper research is the key.

As long as you take the time to do your research to ensure the proper certifications, and complete your transaction with a reputable jeweler in person rather than online, you’ll be well on your way to a great diamond ring experience.

Contact us to speak with a diamond specialist today. 416.847.1067


Randor Diamonds are GIA Certified

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Diamonds are forever, but synthetic or altered diamonds are flooding the market. Diamonds can be laser drilled, fracture filed, and can even be man-made. To be sure you are getting what you paid for and that it will hold its value, you should buy a GIA certified diamonds.

What are GIA certified diamonds?

All of Randor Jewellery’s diamonds are certified by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the world’s oldest, largest, and most respected independent laboratories. The GIA laboratory evaluates and grades a variety of diamonds and stones, and for each evaluation a corresponding certificate is produced. The certificate lists not only the clarity, colour, cut, and carat weight but also information about the diamonds fluorescence, as well as if it has been altered (clarity or colour enhanced) or synthesized.

What are the benefits of buying diamonds with GIA certification?

  • Universally recognized credentials. The GIA laboratory uses universal units of measurement and standards to grade diamonds. The grading system they use is recognized by jewellers globally.
  • Official statement. The certificate is an official statement on the quality of the diamond. The certificate provides a detailed description of the status of the diamond.
  • Protects the consumer. The certification provides an impartial, independent evaluation of the diamond.
  • Saves time. With a GIA certificate, there is no need for the consumer to scurry from one jeweller to another for diamond appraisal.
  • Eliminates fraud. With today’s advanced technology, the average person will not be able to tell the difference between an altered or natural diamond. The GIA certification will state if it is a synthetic or enhanced diamond.

For more information on diamond certification and grading, contact Randor Jewellery today. 416.847.1067

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