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If you’re like most people, buying a diamond will only happen a few times in your life. And when you are in the market for a diamond, you know it’s likely to be passed along as a treasured family jewel for generations, because diamonds really are forever.

As long-standing CJA members we know diamonds better than just about anyone. We’re authorities on the four Cs familiar to most people: cut, clarity, colour, and carat. However, there’s one all-important fifth C – confidence.

At Randor Jewellery we want you to be assured you’re buying with complete trust and having all of your questions answered. Go ahead, and get in touch today – we’re confident you’ll discover the knowledge, service and pricing that we’ve become famous for!

diamond-GIA-certificationBecause certification is important

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the world’s most trusted name in diamond grading and gemstone identification. With objectivity and expertise as its hallmarks, GIA ensures the integrity and accuracy of every report it issues.

At Randor, we sell GIA certified diamonds. Each and every one of our customers know they’re getting the best value for money and a diamond where the incredible sparkle is matched to a rock-solid grading report.

Unfortunately, not all members of our industry operate with such transparency and we encourage you to do your research and request a recommendation from the Canadian Jewellers Association.

Loose Diamond Listings

With our loose diamond listings you can find the certified diamond that matches the quality, characteristics and budget that’s just right for you! This member’s only network accesses a vast number of the world’s most prestigious diamond houses and the best possible market prices.

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