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A new website and blog

So here I go, the start of Randor Jewellery’s New Blog. For the most part I will be selecting and writing about jewellery related topics. I being, Michele Moss G.I.A. Diamonds Graduate, Wife of Randy Moss, not the NFL Randy Moss, but the G.I.A. Graduate Gemmologist. Together we are Randor Jewellery.

We are also Mother and Father of four, yes I said four grown adults, one of which has not left home yet, and two who still have their own bedrooms for when they come home until there next adventure, one who is married and feeling the pressure from me to start providing grand kids. Oh and I cannot forget to tell you about Brunello, our one year old Italian Greyhound, who works as security for Randor, but he’s more like the official Randor greeter.

Please feel free to email me michele@randor.com with any topics you wish to learn about. I will try to answer as quickly as possible. If I am not familiar with the topic then I can always ask Randy. He says he knows everything.

Our first topic is Diamond Fluorescence. Head over and learn about what this diamond characteristic that is not part of the traditional 4C’s of diamond quality is all about.

Thank you and Have a Peaceful Day!
Michele L. Moss

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