Don’t Trust Just any Jeweller

Buy Your Engagement Ring Smart


Here’s what the Canadian Jewellers Association has to say…

If you’re like most people, buying a diamond will only happen a few times in your life. And when you are in the market for a diamond, you know it’s likely to be passed along as a treasured family jewel for generations, because diamonds really are forever.

No wonder diamonds are the ultimate gift to mark life’s milestones, and no wonder the thought of buying a diamond might seem a little daunting.

That’s where the Canadian Jewellers association (CJA) A Sign of Trust can help.
From your first steps in-store or searching online, you will receive the best possible
information from CJA members. That’s because all CJA members are signatories to a 13-point Code of Ethics represented by their CJA A Sign of Trust window decal or signed certificate. It stands behind them, so that they can stand behind you.

This public pledge assures consumers of the highest standards of integrity, honesty, accountability and social responsibility in the Jewellery industry, and provides peace of mind consumers deserve. Whether you’re indulging in these fascinating gems for yourself or someone you love, you’ll want the best possible value for your money, and the reassurance that your diamond purchase respects the social and environmental codes of conduct upheld around the world. Diamonds are millions of years old.

They are complex, intriguing and even worshipped in some cultures. And in Canada, CJA members know diamonds better than just about anyone. They are the authorities on the four Cs familiar to most people: cut, clarity, colour and carat.

But our members also provide consumers with an all-important fifth C – confidence.
For more than 90 years, CJA has upheld the Code of Ethics and displayed A Sign of Trust so that consumers can feel confident and comfortable with their diamond

Displayed in reputable jewellery establishments, the CJA A Sign of Trust member
decal or certificate is a seal of approval that helps ensure a diamond purchase is a
safe and secure experience. In Canada and around the world, CJA is the voice of
the Canadian Jewellery industry, providing leadership in ethics, education and

We promote best business practices among our members and work to build recognition for CJA A Sign of Trust as synonymous with honesty and integrity.

Ken Mulhall,
President & CEO,
Canadian Jewellers Association