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Diamond Engagement Rings in Toronto

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Some might think that getting the perfect engagement ring is a difficult task. You need to have the right size, the right color and shape, and of course it has to fit the personalities of the couple that bears it.

With all of the other arrangements you need to make, not to mention the nerves of proposing and organizing a wedding, it can sometimes be overwhelming to find the right fit. The ring itself is an extension of the love of two people and their promise to be married in the future, so it cannot be rushed or taken lightly.

It doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think, though. Here at Randor, we offer the best diamond engagement rings in Toronto. Our extensive selection covers every type imaginable, and we are sure to have something to fit your dreams.

We also specialize in customizing engagement rings, tailoring them to fit perfectly to both your imagination and your finger. Our rings are crafted through a painstaking and meticulous process, from inspiration and design, to stone setting, polishing, and delivery. The end result is a beautiful custom ring fit exactly for your occasion.

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Don’t worry if you think the task of finding the perfect diamond engagement ring is too daunting – our experienced diamond and ring experts Randy and Michele will help you every step of the way.

When you visit our open-case showroom you’ll find an extensive range of rings, and we’ll happily take the time to discuss complete custom design and modifications. We can fit every occasion, and every budget.

We have been providing the Toronto area with quality, affordable diamond engagement rings for nearly thirty years, and have been a helpful partner in the countless happy marriages. Come visit or give us a call so we can be a part of yours, too.

If you’re just starting out your search for an engagement ring, be sure to visit our Education Centre and learn about the importance of dealing with a professional Jeweller and member of the Canadian Jewellers Association

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