Earlier this year, the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) introduced a service called the Diamond Origin Report. This service is designed to inform and protect consumers, ensure their trust in gems and jewelry, and help them make ethical and sustainable choices.

We’re happy to announce that Randor is participating in this service. As we source diamonds from all over the world, we’re giving our clients the transparency and traceability they need when shopping for a diamond.

How does it work?

The report uses scientific research to convey the unique story of each diamond to the consumer, including:

Country of origin confirmationFull 4Cs quality analysis, including plotted diagram of the polished diamondReport number inscription for added security and identification
The GIA Diamond Origin Report will include digital high definition images of the original rough and the resulting polished diamond, allowing us to convey the unique story of each diamond to our clients.

We’ll also provide descriptive brochures explaining the discovery and transformation of rough crystals to polished diamonds, and relating the social and economic benefits of the industry in each country.

View printed GIA Diamond Origin Report sample
View report in Report Check

More information about the country of origin and diamond formation will be available for each Diamond Origin Report in GIA’s online Report Check service, accessible at GIA.edu or through the QR code printed on each report.

What are the criteria for eligibility?

For a diamond to be eligible for this service, both the original rough diamond and its polished counterpart must be submitted to GIA for analysis.

Their experts then match them to each other using physical measurements and other scientific data. If the data from the rough and polished diamonds match, the GIA will confirm the origin information provided by the participating mining company and include that information on the Diamond Origin Report.

The GIA’s science-based approach

The Diamond Origin Report service is built on GIA’s decades of scientific research into the formation and characteristics of natural diamonds, and the Institute’s gemological examination of tens of millions of diamonds in its grading laboratories.

As the world leader in gemological research, GIA is uniquely able to leverage over 60 years of scientific knowledge and technology to deliver the rough-to-polish matching confirmation for polished stones. GIA has already processed thousands of rough diamonds ranging from 0.15 carats up to more than 100 carats.

Bringing transparency to the diamond supply chain

By connecting Randor with participating miners and manufacturers, the service ensures that our clients have access to expertly graded natural diamonds whose countries of origin have been scientifically confirmed.

According to Susan Jacques, president and CEO of the GIA, “Consumers will now know more about their diamond’s journey and the positive impact it has on the communities in the countries where diamonds are discovered.”

Proof of a diamond’s origin provides the peace-of-mind you need before you make your purchase. We’re excited to use this new service to strengthen the trust and credibility we’ve built with our clients.