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“Thank you Randy 
and Michele - great job!

My fiancee couldn’t be happier with the ring ”

Randy L. Moss

Founder & GIA Graduate Gemologist

Randy is regarded as one of Toronto’s most respected Wholesale Jewellers & Gemologists. Since his graduation from the Gemological Institute of America in 1981 he has built extensive diamond and gem knowledge.

Michele L. Moss

GIA Diamond Graduate & Business Executive

Michele has moved from customer service into a business and marketing role at Randor Jewellery. If you have visited our website, it is likely that Michele had a hand in bringing you there.

Randor Jewellery

The short story

In 1988 Randy Moss moved on from Montreal’s Thomas Jewellery where he had worked from the age of 18. As a Gemological Institute of America certified Gemmologist with excellent Jeweller experience already under his belt, Randy eyed the opportunity of Toronto and founded Randor Jewellery.

At that time Randor Jewellery supplied gold and diamond jewellery exclusively to retailers in southern Ontario and Quebec. Randy continued his active involvement in the Canadian Jewellers Association and established the crucial wholesale connections that now result in Randor’s incredible value.

To meet growing demand, Randy evolved Randor Jewellery and opened the doors to the public in 1998. The people of the Toronto and surrounding areas rejoiced!

To saavy shoppers, Randor Jewellery introduced a selection of loose diamonds that were second to none. Combined with Randy’s willingness to share his knowledge, our growing team of in-house skilled jewellers became known for creating custom designed engagement rings that delighted our customers.

Today, the Randor Jewellery story continues and we invite you to be a part of it.

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In fact, we openly invite you to compare our expertise, service and pricing. We’re confident that we’ll show you our value right from our first consultation and will become your jeweller for life!

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