Getting the ring that’s just right for you!

(Yup, he’ll likely need a hint ladies!)

Sure, you’ve likely been daydreaming about your engagement ring (or proposal) for some time now. It’s an incredible symbol of enduring love and commitment that comes with a moment in time that’s etched in our memories forever.

If you need somewhere to start when moving from ideas into reality, this guide is for you. In the guide we’ll go over some of the common styles and features of today’s popular engagement rings all the way to giving you some tips on dropping a hint!

You’ll be on your way to showing off your incredible engagement ring before you know it.

If you’d like a little more insight or even some invaluable tips contact our style advisors Randy and Michele.


Shaping up

Our experienced Jewellers have a wealth of expertise creating beautiful, intricate engagement rings while bringing out the best in all shapes of diamond.Your choice is completely up to what you’re looking for.

Going untraditional? Good for you! Can’t get enough of traditional elegance of a Princess Cut? A wonderful choice.

We invite you to visit our showroom to view loose diamonds of all descriptions and hundreds of settings for your consideration. You can also learn more about diamond shapes here.

What’s your favourite shape?

Did you know all diamonds that aren’t round are categorized as fancy cut diamonds?
Of the fancy cut diamonds, most fall into three cut categories: Brilliant Cut, Modified Brilliant Cut and _______?

Dropping a hint

Giving your guy a subtle nudge in the right direction is completely encouraged! In reality he may not even know the style or diamond setting you want exists.

So what nudge, or hint, works best? It’s different for everyone but give the following a try!


Talk to him and discuss some ideas and styles. Mention your taste in jewellery or guide him with examples of existing pieces you may have. Reassure him that he’s in control and you trust him to make the decision on his own.

We’ll take it from there… we have an uncanny ability to work with guys to translate a vision into a stunning reality – your incredible engagement ring.


It’s never been easier to collect and share images and inspiration online. Collect all the inspiration he needs and subtly share it on a social network or via email . Alternatively, you can always print him out a picture or two. A great place to start collecting inspiration and ring examples is our Inspiration Gallery or simply follow us on Instagram.


Have a trusted friend or family member accompany him, one who knows your style and the design you have in mind.

“Hi Michelle,

Thanks again for your help with the ring I recently picked up, Amy loved it which is what really mattered.”

− Thanks, Glen

“Hi Randy ,

Happy New Year and she said YES . She really loves the ring and it fits perfect. She want some engraving at the bottom and nothing else. Very well done. She kept looking at the ring all night haha. Will book an appointment sometime later during the month to get the engraving done.

Thank you so much will continue shopping at your place. ”

− Thanks, Muhammad