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Luxury, Power, and Wisdom: The meaning of gold wedding rings

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Few natural materials have shaped the course of human history like gold has. This bright metal has served as everything from a measure of wealth to a symbol of love, and empires, marriages, and entire civilizations have risen and fallen because of it.

In modern times, gold is now used in luxurious jewellery to help couples express their love for one another, and its brilliance, aura, and beauty continue to make it the most popular wedding ring metal. But what does it symbolize, and who would wear it best? Let’s look at the meaning of gold wedding rings and see if they are right for you.


It should come as little surprise that yellow gold symbolizes luxury. In nearly every culture and country on Earth, gold is considered a thing of great value and is heavily invested in, traded, and saved. Throughout history the most successful people within societies from the Greeks to the Romans and all the way to our modern times have associated golden things like jewellery, pottery, and even furniture with living life in the lap of luxury. If you enjoy the finer things in life, then a gold wedding ring is right for you.


People and entire empires have risen to power through gold. In its very natural state, gold is a powerful and valuable metal. Rulers have shown their power with elegant jewellery and used it as a display of wealth. Royalty and the well-to-do still show elegance and standing in culture by flaunting their golden possessions. If you like the idea of holding a great thing with special power and significance, then look no further than a gold wedding ring.


Departing from its other meanings that have to do with wealth and power, gold also symbolizes aging and the wisdom that comes with it. Take, for example, the later years of our lives that are called “our golden years” or the pinnacle of achievement in a country being called “the golden age.” If you value knowledge, wisdom and excellence, then gold is your metal.

Randor carries a wide selection of metals to help you find the ring of your dreams, and we want to help you get the one that fits you best. The meanings of gold wedding rings are luxury, power, and wisdom. If you want to wear an ancient symbol of power, prestige, knowledge, and wealth, then we can help you find the gold wedding ring that’s perfect for you.

Our Most Popular Diamond Shapes

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When it comes to buying a diamond for that special day, one of the most important things that you need to think about is the shape. Not only will it determine the look of the ring, but it will also determine how it feels on your finger and the customizations that can be made. It is best to know as much as possible before you make this decision so that you are sure to get the right one. Here are our most popular diamond shapes to get you started.


Classic, timeless, and immortal, a round diamond is the go-to shape. By all accounts, this is the kind that people have been using most throughout history. The brilliance and appeal of this simple shape is what makes it so common. It allows for proper reflection, depth, and luster, and represents the eternity of the love between you two.


Its combination of a square shape with delicately rounded corners is what gives the cushion its name. This centuries-old design is known for its unique pattern of reflection. The cushion shape allows for an unmatched level of brilliance, and the combination of long, symmetrical shapes with rounded corners allows for unbridled character, clarity, and luster.


One of the most popular shapes for engagement rings, and one of the newer designs on the scene, the Princess is perhaps the most popular look for gems outside of the round shape. They are incredibly flexible and can cater to nearly any look, taste, or personality. Since they are capable of being cut with greater efficiency and less waste, the price-per-carat tends to be lower. With fire and brilliance to rival any other shape, and unique look that allows for depth and clarity, the Princess is a great choice for any couple looking to profess their love.

When purchasing a diamond, you should be well aware of everything that goes into it. The cut, the clarity and carat are all very important, but the shape is equally so. It will determine how the ring ultimately looks on your finger. These are out most popular diamond shapes. Browse our extensive catalog to find one that fits your desires.

Our Metal Options for Men’s Wedding Bands

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Here at Randor Jewellery, we are certain that we have something in stock that will fit the tastes of anyone you might be buying for. If we don’t have it, then we can have it made for you. We offer a long list of customization options for your wedding band, but the real icing on the cake is that we offer different metal options so that you are sure to find your dream piece. Here are our most popular metal options for men’s wedding bands:

Tungsten Carbide

If you are looking for the strongest metal available today on the market, then tungsten carbide is the metal for you. It is essentially indestructible, and will remain brilliant and shining for eternity. It is ten times stronger than white gold, and four times as strong as titanium. This option comes with a lifetime guarantee against scratching, as well.


A new arrival on the scene, palladium is a shining, white, hypoallergenic metal that is slowly becoming very popular in modern jewellery making. Costing about the same as white gold, it is prized for its beauty and luster. Lightweight and gorgeous, it could be the perfect fit for you if you like something a little more modern and cutting-edge.


The very name of this metal makes us think of a sleek, shining, beautiful piece of jewellery. Very popular in modern men’s rings and bands, this metal is lightweight, stunning, brilliant, and affordable. You can get all of the benefits of white gold at a fraction of the cost. If you want something sleek and shining, then you need look no further.

A wide range of products in stock, and customization options is the hallmark of a great jeweller. Realizing that all of your clients are unique with their own personal tastes means understanding that you will need to go the extra mile to provide them exactly what they want. Here at Randor, we offer a wide range metals for your wedding band so that you can find the one that fits you best.

Why You Should Consider Titanium for a Custom Wedding Ring

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One of Randor’s services that puts us a cut above the competition is our custom ring design. We offer numerous options to help you make the ring of your dreams. One of the major elements of the piece you can choose is the metal, and even though we offer many different kinds to help you find the right fit, there are a few reasons why you should consider titanium for a custom wedding ring:

Strength and Durability

This needs to be said first. Titanium has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios on the planet. It is extremely strong and has a very low density. Not only is it incredibly strong, but it is also very durable. Its beautiful luster is highly resistant to corrosion and other forms of blemishing. It is perfect for those with an active lifestyle because it is lightweight and hypoallergenic.


When most people think of strength, it conjures up images of steel, iron, and stone. While these are certainly useful materials, none are usually characterized as beautiful. Titanium is a different story. It’s beautiful, lustrous shine is complimented perfectly by it silver-white color. It is used to make a wide array of jewellery, and is most often sought after by people who desire a modern, sleek, trendy, and captivating look to the ring that they are wearing.


When you consider all of its properties like incredible strength, lifetime durability, and stunning beauty, it is amazing to know that it is very cost-effective. It is relatively inexpensive in cost, and can be easily customized into many different shapes and sizes. So not only are you getting high-quality, but you are also getting the most value for you dollar. Very few things in this world can claim that.

We offer a wide range of customization options for your wedding and engagement jewellery because we know that people’s tastes are as unique as each and every jewel and ring that we sell. When it comes time to choose the metal for yours, this is why you should consider titanium. Light-weight, strong, durable and beautiful, Titanium provides great value for your money.

Our most popular Channel Wedding Rings

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The joining of two people together in holy matrimony is one of the world’s oldest institutions. Professing your dedication to each other both spiritually, and in the eyes of the law is the final cap on all of the hard work that you’ve put into your relationship over the years. The custom of symbolizing this promise with a ring has been passed down through the ages, and continues on to this very day. A special occasion calls for the most special of rings. Here are our most popular Channel Wedding Rings.

Set Ring- R9626

This beautiful Channel piece comes complete with beautiful round diamonds encased in gorgeous shining silver. With a shining color, beautiful contours, and irresistible sparkle, this ring is mesmerizing yet still minimalistic. It comes in 18k white gold, and feels like air on your finger. No wonder it is so popular amongst the couples that come in to the store.

Set Ring- R9573

This sleek, modern, brilliant silver ring comes complete with seven round and brilliantly cut diamonds. It is also 18k white gold, and has a look that just draws the attention of those around it. A thicker frame and stunning shine make it dominate the landscape of your hand. A perfect fit for the more modern, expressive people among us, this wedding ring is surprisingly lightweight, and has a value that far outshines its price tag.

Set Ring- R9966

This thin, brilliant ring is the lightest of the bunch, and you may sometimes even forget that you are wearing it. That doesn’t mean that others will, though. With a long line of bead-set, round, and brilliant diamonds across the band, and a sparkling silver color, this ring can punch above its weight class. This goes best with those among us that would rather let the ring do the talking instead of using their words.

Here at Randor Jewellery, we have a wide array of diamonds to fit any taste, and we do everything we can to satisfy everyone who walks through our door. We want to provide only the very best in quality and customer service to each and every single couple that wants to express their devotion to each other with our diamonds. That is why we carry channel set rings. Our most popular channel set wedding rings continue to be some of the highest selling products in our store. Make your appointment now, and come in to see why we are the area’s most trusted diamond dealer.

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