So you need a little help finding the perfect engagement ring?

No problem, that’s our job.

In fact, we’re here to take all of the fear and stress out of purchasing a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry. At Randor Jewellery we take the time to educate you so you know you’re getting the right mix of value and style.

If you need us to walk you through all the designs and customization options available… no problem!

If you’d like to discuss ways to save money… whatever your budget we can show you how to stay within it!

At Randor you can shop with confidence knowing everything you need to know (and see!) is here and we’re going to help you find the ring that will have her saying “it’s like you read my mind!”


Getting the ring style right

This is a tough decision for many guys when faced with the expectation of buying the “perfect” ring. Don’t worry, we get it… and we’ve helped hundreds of guys just like you!

Use these tips below to get the ring style right:


One of the best cues to what she might want is to take a look at what she wears now. Is her jewellery primarily vintage, classic or contemporary in style? What colour of jewellery does she usually wear? (For example, white, yellow or two-tone?)


Family and friends are a great resource for information. Perhaps they already know her preferences on diamond shape or in most cases they’re happy to casually seek out some info for you. Alternatively, we invite you to visit our studio and bring along a family member or friend to help you choose her perfect ring!


That’s right, ask her. Sure it might blow your cover, but you’re pretty much guaranteed to get the right ring on the first attempt. The next logical step is shopping together, although you might have better results picking it out on your own (after getting some hints of course) as close to 70% of the guys we assist do.


With years of experience helping guys just like you, we’re pretty good at connecting the dots. Our diamond experts and hosts Randy and Michele will ask you a few questions about your girlfriend’s preferences (you’ll have to know a few of those!) and make appropriate recommendations. It’s what we do, and we do it well!

What if She Doesn’t Like the Ring I Picked?

No Problem! On all of our jewellery, we give you a 30 days from the day exchange. You may choose to exchange the ring itself or just the centre diamond. We do not exchange custom designed rings but we do make sure your right about the design by involving you every step of the way. We won’t let you give her a ring she wont like, so no worries there!

Sizing your ring

With the style of ring chosen it’s now important that we size it just right!

You obviously don’t want it to be too small so that she can’t put it on immediately, but you also don’t want it to be too big and risk it falling off before being sized properly. So how do you get it right? Here are three basic tricks we’ve learned along the way…

On the sly
If you have a chance, slip one of her rings onto your own finger and mark how far down it goes. When you come in for your first complimentary consultation you can then match that line to our ring sizer and select the size. Done!

Ask her
I guess we’re stating the obvious here, but if she knows you’re in the market for a ring, just ask her. We’ll be sure to include a little extra so that after your amazing proposal you can both come in and get a her final fitting for size that’s just perfect.

If you still have questions about what ring size to get, feel free to contact us and we’ll do all we can to help!

Choosing the Right Setting

While there are an unending variety of patterns, details and metal choices, there are four basic types you are likely to encounter:


A diamond solitaire refers to any piece of jewelry with a single diamond. Many engagement ring buyers choose a solitaire setting for its classic elegance and its ability to showcase the beauty of the stone. The most popular stone shape for a solitaire ring is the round brilliant because it provides the maximum amount of light return through the top of the diamond. Other popular styles for solitaire diamond rings are cushion, princess, emerald, and pear.


Settings with multiple side stones on the shoulders and sides of the engagement ring, such as diamonds or gemstones, add additional sparkle or color. Popular side-stone settings are channel, which protects stones by keeping them flush, shared claw, which allows more light to enter the side-stones, and pave` which add maximum brilliance to the entire ring. Three-Stone rings also fit into this category and have one diamond for the past, one for the present, and one for the future.


Although halo rings could be categorized under the multiple stone rings we have given them there own category, simply because they are so popular. By definition a halo is a encompassing ring, and that is exactly what a Halo ring is. A ring consisting of tiny round brilliant cut diamonds, surrounding the center diamond that add sparkle and brilliance. The shoulder of the engagement ring generally also has diamonds in it also, but if not then it is called a Solitaire Halo Ring.

As to actual setting design, consider her lifestyle, and how well a certain setting will fit into it. If she’s more active or outdoorsy, look for lower profile, less ornate, more sturdy choices, which are less likely to get knocked or caught on things. If she’s more of a glamour girl, look for statement settings, with a higher stone profile and more intricate ring detailing or unique motif.
“Hi Michele – just wanted to send you a message of thanks for all your help and humor in choosing the right ring for my unsuspecting girlfriend (fiancé). She was totally stunned and can’t keep her eyes off of the ring.”

− Emanuel

“Hey Randy, I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing ring you helped me design for my fiancée! The whole night went perfect and she completely freaked out! It was both adorable and hilarious! She fell for all the fake outs and had no idea I was going to propose. See you in a few months for a cleaning.”

− Pete, May 2012