The joining of two people together in holy matrimony is one of the world’s oldest institutions. Professing your dedication to each other both spiritually, and in the eyes of the law is the final cap on all of the hard work that you’ve put into your relationship over the years. The custom of symbolizing this promise with a ring has been passed down through the ages, and continues on to this very day. A special occasion calls for the most special of rings. Here are our most popular Channel Wedding Rings.

Set Ring- R9626

This beautiful Channel piece comes complete with beautiful round diamonds encased in gorgeous shining silver. With a shining color, beautiful contours, and irresistible sparkle, this ring is mesmerizing yet still minimalistic. It comes in 18k white gold, and feels like air on your finger. No wonder it is so popular amongst the couples that come in to the store.

Set Ring- R9573

This sleek, modern, brilliant silver ring comes complete with seven round and brilliantly cut diamonds. It is also 18k white gold, and has a look that just draws the attention of those around it. A thicker frame and stunning shine make it dominate the landscape of your hand. A perfect fit for the more modern, expressive people among us, this wedding ring is surprisingly lightweight, and has a value that far outshines its price tag.

Set Ring- R9966

This thin, brilliant ring is the lightest of the bunch, and you may sometimes even forget that you are wearing it. That doesn’t mean that others will, though. With a long line of bead-set, round, and brilliant diamonds across the band, and a sparkling silver color, this ring can punch above its weight class. This goes best with those among us that would rather let the ring do the talking instead of using their words.

Here at Randor Jewellery, we have a wide array of diamonds to fit any taste, and we do everything we can to satisfy everyone who walks through our door. We want to provide only the very best in quality and customer service to each and every single couple that wants to express their devotion to each other with our diamonds. That is why we carry channel set rings. Our most popular channel set wedding rings continue to be some of the highest selling products in our store. Make your appointment now, and come in to see why we are the area’s most trusted diamond dealer.