When it comes to buying a diamond for that special day, one of the most important things that you need to think about is the shape. Not only will it determine the look of the ring, but it will also determine how it feels on your finger and the customizations that can be made. It is best to know as much as possible before you make this decision so that you are sure to get the right one. Here are our most popular diamond shapes to get you started.


Classic, timeless, and immortal, a round diamond is the go-to shape. By all accounts, this is the kind that people have been using most throughout history. The brilliance and appeal of this simple shape is what makes it so common. It allows for proper reflection, depth, and luster, and represents the eternity of the love between you two.


Its combination of a square shape with delicately rounded corners is what gives the cushion its name. This centuries-old design is known for its unique pattern of reflection. The cushion shape allows for an unmatched level of brilliance, and the combination of long, symmetrical shapes with rounded corners allows for unbridled character, clarity, and luster.


One of the most popular shapes for engagement rings, and one of the newer designs on the scene, the Princess is perhaps the most popular look for gems outside of the round shape. They are incredibly flexible and can cater to nearly any look, taste, or personality. Since they are capable of being cut with greater efficiency and less waste, the price-per-carat tends to be lower. With fire and brilliance to rival any other shape, and unique look that allows for depth and clarity, the Princess is a great choice for any couple looking to profess their love.

When purchasing a diamond, you should be well aware of everything that goes into it. The cut, the clarity and carat are all very important, but the shape is equally so. It will determine how the ring ultimately looks on your finger. These are out most popular diamond shapes. Browse our extensive catalog to find one that fits your desires.