If you are looking to find the perfect diamond ring for an engagement or wedding, or just looking for a great piece of jewellery, then you have come to the right place. Randor Jewellery is one of the most trusted and respected names in the industry.

The diamond industry is very complex, and there is often a lot of information out there that is misguided. An engagement is a major life milestone, and you want to be as well informed as possible before making such an important purchase. This is why we try to educate you on the ins and outs of the diamonds before you decide which one to go with.

Below are a few reasons why you need to visit our education centre first before making your decision.

It will teach you all about diamond grading

The price of the diamond is going to depend heavily on the grade. Our center will teach you everything you need to know about the 4 C’s. Colour, Clarity, Carat, and Cut are all exceedingly important when determining the value of the jewel. This can often be confusing to people, and many times companies take advantage of this when trying to sell to someone who isn’t aware. Learn what you are getting before you set your heart one something.

Tips for buying for him and her

If you are as nervous as most people are leading up to an engagement or wedding, then you probably have a ton of things on your mind. Buying the ring doesn’t need to be a stressful process. We’ll help you find style tips, size guides, and other tricks to making sure you get the right one to fit your partners’ taste. We don’t want you to end up with something that you or your partner is not satisfied with.

Finding the right shape

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes. In our education centre you will find a guide to all of them. There you will learn about the ratios, shape names, the features of each cut, and which colors they are available in. Make sure you make the right choice of shape to make your partner happy.

Before taking this huge step and making a major purchase, we want to make sure that you are as well-informed as possible in making your decision. That is why we have our education centre well stocked with tips, tricks, and important information regarding diamonds. Remember that we can always custom make something for you if you don’t find something to your liking, and if you have any questions you can ask the diamond experts at Randor Jewellery any time.